Manage all your information from one central place

Manage all your information from one central place


It is easy to work with RetSoft. RetSoft has a simple filestructure and a Windows “look and feel”. Therefore, working with Retsoft is familiar and easy to use.


An optimal search function. Due to this search function all required information and related information can be found instantly. The response time of a search is very short and the required document is found in no time.


A central database and “two-factor-authentication” makes your system safe. Furthermore, in the user -and permissions management module you can define who can do what. In this way you can determine who is doing what in the system. With the audit log functionality you can also see who did what in RetSoft.

How do you deal with sensitive information?

  • Are you looking for opportunities to store documents in a central place, safe and in control of who is managing them?
  • Is your organization often searching for the right documentation and related information?
  • Are you searching for a way to manage contracts that are about to be expired?
  • Do you always want to work with the most recent version of a document?
  • Do you also want to share your information/documents with external parties (e.g. client/suppliers) with the latest versions and via one uniform manner?
  • Retsoft as a Document Management System can provide an answer to all above questions.
  • The goal of Retsoft is – One central place to store all your documents. Whether it is invoices, contracts, drawings, e-mails or project documentation.
  • As most organizations work with external parties (e.g. clients, suppliers) it is helpful that information can be shared across one platform. Retsoft provides an external portal to share information with all your connections/parties.

Are you looking for this………….. then RetSoft is the solution for you!


Advantages of retSoft

In RetSoft you can store all kind of documents, like WORD, PDF, Excel, Autocad (DWG files) and so on.

Because of the quick, efficient and powerful search possibilities you can find the right information in no time.

Your documents are visible on any device. You can also work from your mobile phone or tablet.

All your document scan be stored automatically in the right files.

Because RetSoft operates as a central database for all your information it is possible to send and/or retrieve information via other applications like Exact, Sharepoint, Salesforce and others.

You can run your database on your own server or in the cloud.

You don’t need expensive consultants or a lot of training to understand the software and to start with RetSoft. It is very user- friendly.

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