The concept:

The concept behind RetSoft was developed during the nineties. The rise of the personal computer offered a lot of opportunities for digital archiving. Scanning devices became faster and software gradually turned more user-friendly. In the first years the program could only store scans with a certain amount of keywords. Since then, RetSoft Archive has grown to a comprehensive digital archive with tons of users in many different fields.

Software is incredibly well-suited for demonstrating remotely over the internet. We've started doing this a few years ago, and it has worked incredibly well. We rarely need to leave our office, which is a massive timesaver for us, as well as the customer. This allows us stay well-connected to support our customers or dealers worldwide, which is one of many reasons RetSoft is used all over the world today. We are incredibly proud of this!

The concept twenty years later and our mission is still the same: We want to go to a system that is largely self-learning and works automatically. There are still a number of challenges, but we still have enough ideas to make this happen. We believe the future will lie in the use of specially developed hardware for office environments in combination with tablet PCs. We are already working hard to make that connection.